Tumor MMR Sequencing Test Sample and Shipping Requirements

Pro-Forma-Invoice – Example Pro Forma Invoice

Sample Requirements

Blood Sample

  • 5-10 mls venous blood in yellow-topped ACD tubes or lavender-topped EDTA tubes at room temperature, to be received within 5 days after draw.

Tumor Sample

  • Formalin Fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) block (preferred)


  • Slides: 19 serial unstained unbaked slides (5-10 microns thick) AND 1 adjacent unstained unbaked slide (4 microns thick)

    Impact Genetics will assist in obtaining FFPE tumor blocks from storage. Please provide detailed information on the Requisition Form (1b) for the storage facility and obtain authorization from the patient for the block to be released to us.

Sample Identification

  • Label each sample with at least two patient identifiers (e.g. named and date of birth).

Shipping Requirements

Multiple separated samples may be shipped in one box. Place multiple biohazard bags containing labeled samples into one box. Multiple boxes can be shipped in one courier envelope.

Shipping Instructions

  • Ship samples to Impact Genetics at address shown on this page using a courier envelope
  • Include Tumor MMR Sequencing Test Informed Consent form and Requisition forms (1a and 1b) with the samples. Patients in the U.S. must also include U.S. Insurance Information (form 1c) if required and not provided previously.
  • Complete appropriate Air Waybill. If you cannot use FedEx or Purolator, please contact us.
  • Place Air Waybill in the document pouch.
  • For samples from outside of Canada, complete and sign appropriate customs Pro forma invoice. (sample above) Place the customs forms in the document pouch.
  • Within Canada, use Purolator Express (next-day) or FedEx Priority service (next-day). Outside of Canada use FedEx Priority service (next-day) and use a FedEx “Clinical Pak”. If you cannot use Purolator or FedEx, please contact us.
  • Provide us with the parcel tracking number soon after courier pick-up: 647-478-4902, info@impactgenetics.com.
  • For emailed PDF FedEx waybills and customs forms, please contact us directly.

For samples from outside Canada:

  • Complete all fields and sign 4 copies of the Pro-Forma Invoice (sample above). Place the 4 Pro-Forma Invoice copies in the document pouch.
  • Mark on the Air Waybill and Pro-Forma Invoice: EXEMPT HUMAN DIAGNOSTIC SPECIMEN – non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-infectious.
  • To avoid Customs clearing delays, declare value at US $10 on the Air Waybill and Pro-Forma Invoice.

Shipping Address

Impact Genetics
115 Midair Court
Brampton, Ontario, L6T 5M3


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