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Impact Genetics provides cost-effective, high quality genetic testing for select diseases.

In collaboration with our leading scientists and clinical care providers, we continually refine tests to maximize sensitivity. New scientific discoveries, genetic data and clinical knowledge flow freely to maximize health impact. Impact Genetics’ service delivery team is committed to supporting doctors and genetic specialists with outstanding service.

  • February 26th, 2018 – Impact Genetics has launched a comprehensive epilepsy gene panel test. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology will provide both sequence and copy number changes in a panel of 69 genes associated with major epilepsy syndromes. Identifying the underlying genetic cause of epileptic seizures can inform treatment options, predict prognosis and alert to secondary syndrome risks for patients and their family. More information.


Joan’s Story – Uveal Melanoma Prognostic Genetic Testing

Joan speaks about her decision to undergo prognostic UM tumor testing. This is followed by interviews with Dr. Tara McCannel (UCLA) and Dr. Bertil Damato (UCSF) who discuss how they use results of UM genetic testing and the importance of this testing to their patients.


Dynacare Centre for Precision Diagnostics – Bowmanville, Ontario

Specialized scientists, Impact Genetics and Dynacare are working together to support healthy lives around the world. The Dynacare Centre for Precision Diagnostics in Bowmanville, Ontario has partnered with internationally sought-after Canadian scientists to provide cutting-edge genetic test solutions globally.


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  • Cost effective
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News and Events
FEB 26th, 2018 – Impact Genetics has launched a Comprehensive Epilepsy Gene Panel Test. More Information.
NOV 28th, 2017 – Impact Genetics launches Tumor MMR Sequencing
and Deletion/Duplication
Genetic Test. More Information.
MAR 23rd, 2017 – Impact Genetics launches BAP1 Tumor Predisposition Syndrome (BAP1-TPDS) Genetic Test. More Information.

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