Shipping HHT Samples

HHT Test Shipping Requirements – This PDF includes our Shipping instructions below.
Pro-Forma-Invoice – Example Pro Forma Invoice

For all samples:

  • Ship samples in rigid, leak-proof packaging to Impact Genetics at address shown on this page.
  • Include HHT Informed Consent and Requisition Forms (1a and 1b) with the samples. Also include US Insurance Information (Form 1c) if required and not provided previously.
  • Within Canada, use Purolator Express (next-day) or FedEx Priority service (next-day). Outside of Canada use FedEx Priority service (next-day) and use a FedEx “Clinical Pak”. If you cannot use Purolator or FedEx, please contact us.
  • Provide us with the parcel tracking number soon after courier pick-up: 647-478-4902,

For samples from outside Canada:

  • Complete all shaded fields and sign 4 copies of the Pro-Forma Invoice (available on our website; phone us if help is required). Place the 4 Pro-Forma Invoice copies in the document pouch.
  • Mark on the Air Waybill and Pro-Forma Invoice:
    EXEMPT HUMAN DIAGNOSTIC SPECIMEN–non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-infectious.
  • To avoid Customs clearing delays, declare value at US $10 on waybill and Pro-Forma Invoice.
  • Select Bill Customs Charges to Recipient.

Shipping Address

Impact Genetics
115 Midair Court
Brampton, Ontario, L6T 5M3


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