Leading edge, scientifically validated diagnostics for more precise healthcare.

Impact Genetics is committed to providing high quality genetic diagnostics for rare diseases to as many people as possible. Impact’s tests improve the health of entire families by;

  • Identifying members of a family who carry a disease-causing mutation
  • Focusing treatment on relatives at risk
  • Eliminating from surveillance relatives who are not at risk

Quality: Impact’s tests are equal to or exceed the most accurate and sensitive tests available. This is achieved through medical and scientific expert oversight, leading edge technology, continual test refinement and comprehensive reporting.

Service excellence: Impact’s exceptional service supports referring healthcare professionals and payers and improves outcomes for patients.

Expertise: Impact focuses on genetic testing for diseases initiated by novel mutations that require a high degree of gene and disease-specific knowledge. For each disease, we collaborate with genetics, medical, scientific and informatics experts, and where consented, provide access to anonymous clinical test data for research and publication.

Impact’s team has been providing clinical genetic testing to patients from 25 countries since 1999 and is the world leader in retinoblastoma genetics.