NeuroSURE℠ Epilepsy Test Sample and Shipping Requirements

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Sample Requirements


  • Blood or DNA from Blood

Genetically related family member for known mutation:

  • Blood or DNA from blood;
  • Or buccal swab (select cases only, contact lab directly to confirm if appropriate sample)

If genetic testing has been performed at a lab other than Impact Genetics, please provide an aliquot of proband DNA and/or a copy of proband’s report.

Sample Preparation Instructions

Blood samples for DNA:

  • 10mL in yellow-topped ACD tubes or lavender-topped EDTA tubes (for infants 2-5mL in pediatric or small tubes) at room temperature, to be received within 3-5 days after draw. Best results are achieved if received within 3 days.

DNA from blood:

  • DNA quantity—minimum 500ng. Ship with cool packs.

Sample Identification

  • Label each sample with at least two patient identifiers (e.g. name and date of birth).

Shipping Requirements

Multiple separated samples may be shipped in one box. Place multiple biohazard bags containing labeled samples into one box. Multiple boxes can be shipped in one courier envelope.

Shipping Instructions

  • Ship samples to Impact Genetics at address shown on this page using a courier envelope
  • Include Informed Consent for Genetic Testing and Requisition Forms (1a and 1b) with the samples. Patients in the U.S. must also include U.S. Insurance Information (Form 1c) if required and not provided previously.
  • Complete appropriate Air Waybill. If you cannot use FedEx or Purolator, please contact us.
  • Place Air Waybill in the document pouch.
  • For samples from outside of Canada, complete and sign appropriate customs forms (provided and available on our website; phone us if help is required). Place the customs forms in the document pouch.
  • Within Canada, use Purolator Express (next-day) or FedEx Priority service (next-day). Outside of Canada use FedEx Priority service (next-day) and use a FedEx “Clinical Pak”. If you cannot use Purolator or FedEx, please contact us.
  • Provide us with the parcel tracking number soon after courier pick-up: 647-478-4902,
  • For emailed PDF FedEx waybills and customs forms, please contact us directly.

Send to Impact Genetics

Impact Genetics, Dynacare
1100 Bennett Road – Unit 4
Bowmanville, ON L1C 0Y7
Phone: 877.624.9769
Fax: 905.697.9786


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